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About 35 Arlow Studio


Meet the Photographer

Since 2013, Izak Rappaport has been a rising figure in the field of music videos, commercials, and photography.. He began his journey shooting celebrity and fashion editorials, making his mark in notable magazines such as Nylon Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, and Cultured Magazine. Over the years, Izak has developed a particular affinity for shooting headshots and portrait, as he focuses on film and television projects primarily. 

Izak appreciates and creates these intimate sessions, with the opportunity to meet someone new and assist in presenting their authentic self to the world. At 35 Arlow Studios, Izak combines his extensive experience and passion, offering a personalized and professional service to all clients and people.

For more information on Izak's work as a filmmaker, please visit

Photo by Luke Fontana

Izak Rappaport_edited.jpg
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